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Our State review of Life is Short, So Read This Fast!

Ann Ipock, a New Bern native and author of Life Is Short, But It's Wide, has revived her humor in a sequal, Life Is Short, So Read This Fast! Her sassy style, combined with interesting topics, keeps the reader chuckling throughout. Here's an example: In a bantering exchange with her husband, Russell, she asks for examples of a "high maintnenance" woman. The first on his list of 10 says this: "You ask your husband to pull up your pantyhouse because your nails aren't dry and could he speed it up ot else you'll be late!"

This is a quick read. Stories in each chapter are generally two to three pages. And there's no reason to read it sequentially if you don't wqant to. It's actually fun to just open it randomly, reading whatever catches your eye. Some story titles may beg to be read first as you peruse the table of contents. There are 62 short essays in all. Take a look at some of the titles: "Capris with Side Zippers Pose a Dangerous Trap," "Don't You Be Messing with My Southern Twang!" and "Oh No! Mama Has Become Me."

Ipock is an award-winning humorist who writes regularly for the Georgetown Times, Sasee, and the Myrtle Beach Herald. She currently lives in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

                                                                                                                                             --Marla Hardee Milling



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