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By Betty Moses

Ann Ipock has a new book out on the shelves — “Life Is Short, So Read This Fast!” I did exactly as the title suggested and now I’m going back and reading this humorous collection of true stories again.
I keep finding little tidbits of humor I missed the first time around. This lady can find more excitement in her daily life than three skydivers with two parachutes.
Lucky for her readers, this attractive, vivacious, southern-to-the core lady has a penchant for getting herself in trouble.
Who else but Ipock would get hit on the head with a roofing screw at a baseball game. And who else would lose her shoes on a shopping trip — for shoes.
As she describes herself, she is “a magnet for the unusual.”
Her book attests to this fact.

And she is blessed with a husband, Russell, who is a perfect foil for her zany sense of humor. Behind every good woman — especially a humorist — is a man who loves her and who is willing to be the straight man when necessary.
Ipock is more than willing to share the mishaps that befall her, revealing the purest form of humor — the human comedy of everyday life.
She spins potential disasters into laughter-provoking adventures. Her headlong approach to life guarantees there will be no shortage of them. Murphy’s Law will insure that Ipock has plenty of material for future books, which is a good thing.

Ipock is a Carolina girl, born in New Bern, N.C., and growing up in Jacksonville, N.C. Her husband was born in Pollocksville, N.C., about 30 miles from Jacksonville.
She and Russell moved to Myrtle Beach in 1986 where they lived for about 10 years. Russell was in the retail business, but about three years ago he took the position of church administrator at First Methodist Church of Myrtle Beach. The couple has been living in Pawleys Island for the past nine years.
Ipock said she loves living there.
“It’s such a combination of beauty, nature and spaciousness, with many artists and much creativity,” she said.
Ipock said her writing began with writing cards to her mother. In high school she liked writing fiction.
She kicked off her non-fiction writing career by submitting a story to a contest in Redbook magazine asking for submissions on the craziest thing that had ever happened on a job.

Ipock submitted a story about catching the mayor’s mustache in a polisher when she was a dental hygienist in Morehead City, N.C. Nothing happened with the story but the seed was planted.
“I always loved humor,” said Ipock. “I guess I was the class clown. I enjoyed making people laugh.
“I absolutely loved Jonathan Winters and other comedians on TV, especially Gilda Radner as Roseanne Roseanna Danna.”
In 1991, Ipock was laid off from a job at GTE, which is now Verizon. With time on her hands, she began writing and joined a writers’ group. She found that her niche was humor.
She put together a collection of her stories in 1998 and took them to the Georgetown Times. They began running them in the newspaper. Soon her stories were being printed in several publications.

“Life Is Short, So Read This Fast!” is Ipock’s fourth book.
Ipock said it is the biggest compliment when people say her stories reflect the humor in everyday life.
“I don’t know if I see things differently or if things really do happen differently when I’m around,” she said. “I do think that life is just so serious that we’ve got to look for things that keep us sane and happy.”
Ipock said she wants people to believe that “you can do anything.” She stressed that she wants to empower young women, especially college students.
Her motto is “Live, laugh and love.”
As long as Ipock keeps telling us stories of her zany life’s adventures, we’ll definitely keep laughing.

    Ann Ipock

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